Car MP3 Player

Play Music in your Car, and make all be happy...

* Dolby Surround

* POWER DC 12-24V

* USB and Flash Disks

* MMC and SD Cards

Control of pressing key :

1. Key"CH" is used of frequency conversion press key >>I I<< to set frequency.

2. Press key >>I I<< longer to adjust volume press key once to go forward or
go backward.

3. Press key to play or break off >/II

4. Advice : Please try ti find the best suitable frequency so that keep the best sound effec,
and avoid the strongest frequency in the place you use it.

Remote Control

1. Frequency setting.
- Tiny frequency modulation and control :
Press the key CH+(CH-) to adjust frequency increase or reduce 0.1 MHZ once.
- Set frequency directly
Eg : Press number key 0,1,7 and 9 and the then choose CH- or CH SET to set the
transmitting frequency into 107,9 MHZ.

2. Choose the song by number key.
Such as : Press number key 6&5 in file to choose the 65th song, it will start ti play
in two secounds, if it to failed to play, please press key PLAY/PAUSE/PICK SONG.

Have many color:

Black, White, Red, Green, Gray,
and Blue


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